At OptimOSS we understand the value of network intelligence; after all you can only make provisions for the infrastructure you know.

Need to gain and commit more budget to NEW initiatives? - We can help you calculate 'vendor independent' ROI (unbiased) that will promote the success of your investments internally.
OptimOSS will come to your premises and will build a detailed account of your infrastructure assets. Our unique business analysis and rapid methodologies will uncover the very fabric of your operation and reveal the associated costs of ownership in a single report.
Why is this important?

We have helped many companies gain better knowledge of what is in the infrastructure and what it costs to run and maintain.

This information allows you to make informed decisions and to set internal priorities predicated on greater intelligence.

Imagine being able to understand the financial impact of outsourcing parts of your business before you commit.

Imagine being to able to renegotiate maintenance contracts maintaining only the assets you are using.

The returns on investment are immediate.
At the conclusion of the Rapid Audit the Customer will have:
  • The key issues and demands facing the network ranked by business and financial impact
  • A profile of network usage
  • An initial report on the current 'health' of the network
  • An inventory status of the network
  • Analysis of applications usage and performance
  • Status of any outage cost, performance and other trends relating to IT asset performance
The results and recommendations presented in the report will be discussed and reviewed by an OptimOSS Network Analyst directly with the Customer's elected representative.

Sample Report
Click here to view a sample report.

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