The beauty of the OptimOSS LAN solution is that it requires no capital outlay. The solution depends on network analysers and our own proprietary interpretation software coupled with unrivalled network experience. This allows us to pinpoint network inefficiencies, bandwidth pinch points and system redundancies. For a modest monthly fee you could see performance improvement and cost reduction as high as 75%.
In a single report we reconcile key performance data and prioritise corrective opportunities, operational efficiencies and our recommendations - all ranked by positive financial and performance impact.
Key Deliverables
Customers implementing the OptimOSS service can expect to:
  • measure the financial impact of network failure or degradation against agreed service level criteria
  • proactively quantify the effect on the network if user headcount is increased, or a merger or re-location is planned
  • transform/interpret performance data into easy to read, meaningful reports on the current behaviour of the network
  • apportion network costs by user
  • identify congested WAN links and offer cost effective and immediate relief without re-configuration
  • understand the financial impact of outsourcing elements of the business
  • validate existing or proposed infrastructure investments in financial terms
  • gain and commit more budget to NEW initiatives
  • measure actual versus anticipated ROI
  • find lost/stranded assets
  • reveal areas of possible security vulnerability
  • monitor progress as various initiatives are implemented to improve operational efficiencies
'On-going maintenance has risen proportionately from 8% to 21% of existing IT budgets'

Meta group

Business Impact Analysis & ROI
OptimOSS is a dynamic innovation that rapidly improves staff & network efficiency. Our high level reports provide instant visibility and control of capital investments in both technical and financial terms which means that you get the information you need to make informed decisions and measure ROI on existing or proposed areas of investment.
Cost of inaction (Top 5 areas ranked according to cost to business)
No Capital Outlay
Unlike the traditional approach to monitoring network performance, our LAN services do not require the purchase or installation of any additional capital equipment or software on your existing infrastructure. This means you will not need to integrate more technology or worry about training costs and on-going maintenance.
Positive Business Impact (Top 5 areas ranked according to positive cost impact where action is taken)
Vendor Independent
Because we are independent our recommendations are impartial. We understand the behaviour of multi vendor elements in existing & evolving networks. In a single report we reconcile key performance data and prioritise corrective opportunities in order of financial savings and operational efficiencies.
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