Optim-NET™ is our IT infrastructure monitoring, measurement and analysis service that tells the customer what is happening on the network. It predicts the impact of trends and business development decisions and recommends solutions for optimising the network and preventing adverse business repercussions. Optim-NET™ is a unique combination of product and services within a single subscription fee for which you receive:

  • An initial Rapid LAN Audit report on the 'health' of the network, including inventory status and actual network topology;

  • Live Fault & Performance monitoring on a 24 x 7 basis of your IT infrastructure;

  • Regular monthly reports which keep you informed of:
    • Utilisation of the network and business applications, including email and intranet
    • Network latency (delay), including server performance
    • Performance and other trends relating to the network such as daily traffic volume
    • The effect on the IT infrastructure if user headcount is increased, or a merger with other businesses, or a move to different locations should occur;

  • Expert analysis and recommendations on the findings of reports inclusive of up to 2 days per month of 'hand's on' consultancy;

  • Identification of root-causes of network failures;

  • Assessment of the impact of such failures against agreed service level criteria.
The Optim-NET™ monthly reports enable our customers to track trends and foresee the impact on the network of business decisions.
How we help you
Many companies are already experiencing slower response times due to systems overload and/or inefficient configurations. Eventually the infrastructure will grind to a halt. OptimOSS can tell you when this is likely to happen, how much it is costing the business 'en-route' and what can be done to avoid it.
What we find
Hidden within the deluge of available performance data is the business information a Client really needs to be more effective.