In order to sustain networks at optimum performance and maintain return on investment in your IT Infrastructure, we offer Optim-GUARD™ , which provides:

  • Maintenance and support of your Networked Infrastructure;

  • Access to our 24 hour telephone support hotline;

  • Network access & security management;

  • Cost Allocation by network utilisation.

By providing remote monitoring and management of the IT network using state-of-the-art management tools, Optim-GUARD™ significantly reduces downtimes and asset management costs. This increases the availability of business software applications and therefore enhances user productivity.

The Optim-GUARD™ IT infrastructure management platform has a auto-discovery and root-cause analysis capability, which enables it to sense changes in the network topology and diagnose faults automatically. This speeds up fault detection and therefore service restoration.

The monthly service report analyses performance trends and also the probable impact of business developments. Thus OptimOSS can develop and recommend solutions supported by a business case for maintaining the required service levels to meet business objectives.

Optim-GUARD™ therefore ensures business continuity by sustaining user productivity despite the inevitable changes in the user population and its deployment.

By interfacing with the customer at the business operations level we ensure that the IT system is focused on maintaining business objectives.

Optim-GUARD™ overcomes the barriers that many companies face in trying to exploit modern IT systems. Our investment in management tools, which are normally prohibitive to our customers because of cost, means we can introduce economies of scale on behalf of our customers. Our calculations indicate that Optim-GUARD™ can improve business performance by up to 13% per PC or networked data device because of the improved IT network performance that Optim-GUARD™ delivers, which is directed at supporting user productivity.

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Optim-GUARD™ is much more than an outsourcing managed service for IT. It is a method of delivering a business partnership that handles change flexibly and systematically to achieve business objectives.
Business Strategy
95% of all business strategy is enabled or threatened by technology. Companies gain competitive differentiation by deploying business software applications that are integral to their operations and which travel over the IT network to reach the end users.