Optim-FIX™ provides a fast-track implementation of solutions to impending problems "

Demand for Internet access and the implementation of new devices, protocols and secure communications has created a scarcity of skilled resource.

With Optim-FIX™ , OptimOSS offers the following services at competitive prices:

  • Network Design, Solutions Testing and management covering Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN) and Storage Area Networks (SAN);
  • Structured cabling, IP Virtual Private Networks (IP-VPN), Intranet, Internet and Extranet capabilities;
  • Internet based services design and management, including web hosting and dotcom service design and management (e-commerce);
  • Equipment moves, adds and changes.

Optim-FIX™ is our professional services capability. It is co-ordinated with our Optim-NET™ and Optim-GUARD™ services to deliver the complete change cycle process (measurement - analysis - solution - implementation).

Because of our ability to monitor, measure and evaluate network performance trends, we can anticipate future problems. This means that we can identify and develop business-focused solutions that maintain user productivity. This results in specified projects for which there is a real business case.

Optim-FIX™ represents a considerable saving in time, effort and money on project definition and enables the IT network to be managed pro-actively.

Optim-FIX™ therefore also ensures business continuity by being driven by business trends and objectives. It enables change to be managed as part of a process, rather than reactively.

Because the rationale for an IT change project is couched in business terms, management is in control of the IT decision making and gets business-focused feedback on the results of the project.
Optim-FIX™ is a flexible and cost-effective method of managing change to IT services within a business. Optim-FIX™ saves you considerable time and effort during project definition and enables your IT staff to focus on supporting the business operation. Typically this could save you up to 52% of the labour costs on a 1-month upgrade project.
Our Services
Our services allow our customers to concentrate on their core business interests secure in the knowledge that their Network updates, upgrades and changes are being handled quickly, efficiently and without fuss.