"Once you can see it you can optimise it"
Understanding your time/resource pressures, we focus on distilling copious amounts of performance data into concise management summaries that help you to prioritise your own initiatives according to positive financial and performance impact.

Inertia is often caused by not knowing how to prioritise.

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With a ‘plug and play’ solution we can immediately optimise your WAN links.

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What we do?
At OptimOSS we specialise in the optimisation of existing local and wide area networks - helping you to achieve greater levels of efficiency and ROI on what you already have. Our non-invasive solutions ensure that your network investments will continue to operate at optimum performance and at a much lower cost.
WAN Data
Repeated non- informative data patterns typically constitute between 60 and 90% of all network traffic. These repetitions waste precious network resources and severely degrade network efficiency and application performance.